Why choosing the right dentist is so important

It is only natural to have certain expectations when needing healthcare, including dental care. You will want quality care of course, but also a positive patient experience. Most healthcare facilities provide the former, but only a select few offer the latter. To receive a positive patient experience at a dentist in Wickham, you first need to choose the right dental practice.

Each dental practice has its own unique philosophy on how to approach dental care and what providing quality dental care means. At Wickham Dental, we aim to exceed our patients’ expectations by offering quality care with a patient-first philosophy. We know that a good relationship with our dentist in Wickham is one of the best ways to enjoy life-long good dental health.

Here are a few additional reasons why making the best choice in your dentist in Wickham matters.

Importance of choosing the best dentist

The best dentist will do more than just treat your dental problem. It is part of good dental practice today to identify other concerning issues and put in place preventive measures to avoid them progressing into complex problems.

The best dentist will want to educate you about your oral health. Dental diseases belong to that category of illnesses that can be prevented. There would be no reason for cavities, tooth loss, gum disease, chronic bad breath, infections and inflammation if patients knew what to do to prevent them from occurring.

Teaching patients how to maintain their dental health is an important part of modern-day dentistry. Equally important is making patients understand why this is important. Keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy not only impacts dental health, but plays a vital role in maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

Finding the best dentist will help you avoid dental anxiety. It is regrettable that dental anxiety still persists in modern-day dentistry. This is more because patients often don’t choose the right dentist – one that accommodates the needs of the nervous, is patient and takes the time to explain complex dental issues rather than one who is unapproachable and disagreeable. It is worth taking the time and effort to choose a dentist who is at pains to make patients feel at ease and comfortable.

What to look for when choosing a dentist

Now that you understand the importance of finding the best dentist, the next question is, how to find one. This is easier to do if you prioritise a few must-have qualities.

A dentist who believes in building a good rapport with their patients will be proud to say so. You can find evidence of this on their digital platforms and in patient reviews.

You may also want to be on the lookout for the mention of accommodating nervous patients. This is a good indication of a dental practice that pays particular attention to the needs and comfort of its patients.

Something it is nice to have is a dental practice that offers a full-service dental menu where you can receive a variety of treatments and procedures all at one place.

Your dentist is your first port of call when requiring dental care and looking after your dental health. Our dentist at Wickham Dental has a wonderful reputation for being a competent and caring dental professional who is firmly committed to offering quality dental care.

How our dentist can help your dental anxiety

So many people we see have worries when it comes to the dentist, and it’s no wonder why when we’ve been fed negative stories from a young age! But we at Wickham Dental want to fight back, we want to give patients all the tools they need in order to build a more positive relationship with our dentist in Wickham. If you or someone you know is a big worrier with all things dental then this one’s for you.

Why are so many of us bothered by the dentist?

We absorb negative stories with regard to the dentist in Wickham from a young age. The media isn’t good to the dentist and more often than not the older generations have also had bad experiences. However, it’s worth noting that dentistry has come a very long way in the last sixty years and with our evolution has come a far more comfortable experience.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is the name used to describe the negative feeling some people get when thinking about the dentist. It might mean that they go out of their way to avoid seeing the dentist in Wickham or it might be that they worry a lot and think about the dentist a lot. It is very common and is actually totally manageable, it’s just about finding the right techniques for you!

Practical solutions

There are a few practical things you can do to help with your dental anxiety and if they don’t work then you might well need to seek further advice as avoiding the dentist for long periods could be damaging to your oral health.

Meeting the team

Going somewhere new or meeting new people can be daunting in any aspect of life, but when you’re trying to do something you really aren’t keen on doing anyway the whole thing can be totally debilitating. For this reason we would always recommend coming to see us before any appointment. You can meet the team and become familiar with the practice surroundings. This small trip might seriously ease some of your worries.

Bring support

Don’t ever feel like you can’t bring support with you to the practice, just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we don’t need a familiar face in our hour of need. Having a loved one there to support us can be a real game changer when we aren’t feeling our best.

Distractions are fine

If you think wearing headphones will help you to relax and zone out then don’t feel like you’re being rude or that we’ll be upset, whatever works for you is great. Eye masks and stress balls can also be very helpful for those wanting to take their minds elsewhere.

Don’t wait

It’s tempting to not see a dentist until you really need one but this is a mistake! You want to come and see us as soon as you can, as starting out with a simple check-up will be far easier for you to manage than an emergency treatment.

Early signs of a cavity broken down by our dentist

When most people are asked why they think attending a dental check-up is important, the majority will say that it prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

And this is a core part of what dental teams aim to do, as both of these conditions can result in the loss of teeth, bad breath and, of course, extensive discomfort. However, both of these conditions have symptoms that show themselves much earlier than discomfort, which can be warning signs that there is an issue.

At Wickham Dental, our dentist in Wickham is all about preventing dental decay and toothache and can advise you on how best to avoid these common issues with dental hygiene and diet. Of course, we will also be able to offer you pointers on how to spot the signs of a cavity or gum disease at home, so you can get treatment sooner, which will be less invasive.

So, with that in mind, what are the most common signs of a cavity, according to our dentist in

Wickham? Read on to find out!


Dental staining is not unusual, especially if you drink a lot of coffee or smoke cigarettes.

But persistent staining on a tooth or teeth can be an early indicator of a cavity forming, according to our dentist in Wickham. Why? Because when bacteria collects in the mouth, it forms plaque, which can look yellow in colour or even brown as it hardens into tartar. So, staining on a tooth can indicate that you have a colony of bacteria that may turn into a cavity if it is not removed by brushing or by our team.

Lingering discomfort with sugar

Most people will consume sugar throughout the day, even if it is only in fruit.

But if you notice that there is discomfort with one of your teeth after eating a piece of fruit or a biscuit, it’s possible that you may have a cavity forming. The sensitivity is due to the nerve or pulp of the tooth being exposed and reacting to the sugar, causing that pang of discomfort.

Hot and cold sensitivity

Much like the sensitivity to sugar, if you notice hot and cold sensations in your teeth, this can be a sign that there is an issue with one of the roots or pulp in your mouth being exposed, caused by a cavity. So, if you have a pang of discomfort after you take a sip of coffee, then you may need to see our team to have a filling!

A hole in the tooth

Holes in the tooth can be tough to spot, especially if they are at the back. But if you notice a small brown hole (or even a clear one) in one of your teeth, you will need to see our team promptly before it begins to burrow deeper into the tooth.


Lingering toothache is a sign that you have a cavity, especially if it occurs spontaneously throughout the day. If you notice dental discomfort and have any of the other symptoms in this list, you will need to see our dental team promptly.

What you should be doing to protect your teeth from decay from direct from your dentist

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is you could be doing that will help prevent your teeth from decaying? Well fear not because we the team at Wickham Dental have put together a little list of all the small things you can be doing to keep that dental decay at bay!!

why do teeth decay?

Teeth can decay for lots of different reasons but the most common is that they’ve been neglected either through poor oral hygiene or an inconsiderate diet. Your dentist in Wickham can shine a little bit more light on this.

“Lots of patients I see come in thinking they are cleaning their teeth well and eating a low sugar diet but their teeth tell a totally different story. From the look of their teeth I’m able to see if the cleaning they’re doing is effective and if their diet is doing them any favours”.

Now your dentist in Wickham isn’t trying to embarrass patients through telling them they’re wrong, it’s just that unfortunately ignorance is bliss, and until our current ways are challenged humans by nature will continue to do whatever thing it is they’re doing out of habit.

What To Look Out For

If you’re worried about the health of your teeth but aren’t sure what you should be looking for then first of all you should be booking in to see your dentist in Wickham anyway, however in the meantime have a look at the inside of your bottom teeth and if you are a build up of a yellow/white substance then your current cleaning routine isn’t doing enough and could be about to cause you decaying issues!

If your teeth have become sensitive to foods or temperatures then this could also be a sign that you’re losing enamel and that perhaps there is too much sugar in your diet after all!

How To To Prevent Decay

Now, we want to normalise decay first of all and take away any shame or embarrassment that patients might be feeling surrounding it, because it does happen and it doesn’t mean you don’t clean your teeth at all or that you’re in any way a bad person!!

There are ways that you can help with decay forming though and for the most part they’re pretty simple steps.

Firstly make sure you’re cleaning for long enough and across the whole tooth, and that you’re paying attention to the gum line as this is where lots of the bacteria is stored!

Second make sure you are flossing everyday as floss is the only way to get between the teeth which is where lots of decay begins.

Another top tip is to put a little bit of toothpaste onto an interdental brush and use this between the back teeth as this is a very common area for decay to start as naturally it’s much harder for us to clean.

Checks Ups

If you want to avoid decay the best thing you can be doing is to come and see us at the practice! We have all the tools needed to monitor the health of your teeth and advise you on your particular circumstances!

A guide to dental emergencies from our dentist

It is truly something that the majority of people never want to consider happening to them. However, following the pandemic of 2020, emergency dental services saw their patient lists boom, as more people than ever before realised that they needed emergency dental care.

While most people would assume that a dental emergency involves discomfort from an issue like a dental abscess, there are in fact many other conditions that people may be experiencing that do warrant a same day visit to their dental surgery. But, these are currently being treated correctly, due to a lack of information about the seriousness of these issues.

At Wickham Dental, we are exceedingly proud of our emergency dentist in Wickham, and we will always aim to see our emergency patients within 24 hours of them contacting the surgery. We will treat you with the TLC you need when you come to us with a dental issue and will always aim to resolve any discomfort that you are in.

So, which conditions warrant a same day visit to see our dentist in Wickham?


As mentioned before, one of the most common reasons why people seek out our emergency dentist in Wickham is due to dental abscesses. Many people assume that the only symptom of a dental abscess is discomfort when, in actuality, many people notice a sensation of pressure before the discomfort sets in, along with swelling and discolouration to the gum. If you notice any of these symptoms followed by a fever, or vomiting, then you need to book a same day appointment to see our dental team.

Lost filling or crown

Most people who have had fillings or crowns can attest to the fact that sometimes they simply come loose and fall out. While this is usually associated with some level of discomfort, for some individuals, there is no sensation at all. But if you have lost a filling or crown, then you do urgently need to see our same day dental team, as delaying treatment could cause decay to set in and even for an abscess to form. Yikes!

Wobbly teeth

Wobbly teeth are usually the result of a trauma to the face or, in some instances, severe gum disease that has been untreated. But irrespective of the cause, if you notice that one of your teeth, or many of your teeth are wobbling, then you need to see our team. We will, of course, attempt to splint the wobbly tooth to the nearest secure teeth but based on the underlying cause, this is not always a guarantee.


Much like the wobbly teeth, bleeding in the mouth is usually the result of either trauma to the face or a dental extraction. If after around 20 minutes of applying pressure to the area with gauze there is no slowing of the bleed, then you need to see our emergency team to prevent any further blood loss.


Swelling anywhere in the mouth, in the throat, under the chin or jaw line needs to be treated as an emergency situation as, if left unchecked, this can cause issues with eating and breathing. So, always be sure to contact us if you have this issue.

Get a great smile with our dentist in Wickham at Wickham Dental!

At Wickham Dental, we are here to help the whole family have healthy and happy smiles. We use the latest techniques, technology and training to ensure that all of our treatments are delivered with comfort and ease for all the patients we treat. We are keen to offer treatments that can also improve wellbeing, such as smile makeovers which improve the appearance of your smile. With a vast array of discreet treatments available for realigning your smile, we are the go-to dental practice for creating beautiful smiles. One of our popular treatments is Invisalign and our dentist in Wickham could recommend this if you have mild to moderate alignment issues such as gapped teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, underbite or crossbite.

How does Invisailgn work?

Invisalign is a system that consists of plastic aligners being worn over your teeth. They are clear, so the aligners themselves are not visible. This means that they are highly discreet and afford patients the freedom to wear them whenever they choose, wherever they are.

When the aligners are being worn, they press against the teeth and, over time, they move them into the targeted position. This could take as little as 6 to 18 months and is just one of our discreet and time-efficient treatment options.

The other benefits

By choosing Invisalign, you will not only have discretion, but you will also have convenience. Invisalign’s aligners may be removed for up to 2 hours a day, which means that you can take a break from them when you need to. It also means that you don’t have to wear them at mealtimes and this is a great bonus for patients as it removes the need to clean the aligners of masticated food after eating, and it also means that you can clean your teeth without having anything in your mouth, so you can be sure to do a proper job! You should also have time to take them out for special occasions or playing sports, for example. The choice and flexibility of approach is all down to you and your preferences. You will be able to wear your aligners anywhere you go and you can have the confidence to do so with people not realising you are wearing them.

The aligners should not be uncomfortable to wear. This is because we use iTero technology to take a digital scan while getting accurate measurements for your smile to ensure that your aligners will sit snugly along the gumline.

Is it time for Invisalign?

If you are wondering whether or not Invisalign could be the right treatment for you, book in for a consultation with our dentist in Wickham and we will be able to examine your mouth to ascertain what the treatment options are. We can then discuss this together and we will answer any questions you may have. If you decide to go ahead with Invisalign, you could have a beautiful smile in a relatively short amount of time, fuss-free!

Need dental treatment? Speak to Wickham Dental for a top class dentist in Wickham

Tired of the long waiting lists and unavailable appointments at your dental practice? Are you looking for a dentist in Wickham where you can avoid delays? Then look no further than Wickham Dental, leading dentists in Wickham who can deal with all your dental needs and problems under one roof.

About us and how we operate

Our dentist in Wickham is a small dental practice based in the heart of Wickham Village and is very family orientated. We welcome families to join our practice and we will take care of all your dental needs. We have a team of skilled and highly professional individuals and we use the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology for our treatments. We endeavour to keep the costs of our treatments at affordable prices to make them accessible to all.

What services are available?

At our dentist in Wickham we have a wide range of modern dental treatments and these range from general and family services to specialist, complex oral reconstructions. What sets us apart from other dental practices is that we use cutting edge methods and technology and ensure that we put patient comfort and satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

We have a routine service which covers simple white fillings, fluoride treatments, and fissure sealants. We also offer comprehensive oral examinations, and scale and polish treatments with our expert hygienists. Our members of staff are highly professional and friendly and will ensure to provide you with excellent service and make certain that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the appointment.

Smile makeovers are what we excel in at our dental practice. A lot of people look to have smile makeovers as they are unhappy with their smiles and with their teeth. It can have a big impact on a person’s self-confidence and therefore we look to deal with this to ensure that you can have a smile that gives you a real boost. There are a number of ways in which you can achieve your smile makeover and this includes oral restructuring, implants, crowns and veneers.

Another key treatment that we offer at our dental practice is orthodontic work. This is the way in which we straighten and align teeth. This is a very popular treatment particularly amongst young adults who look to have straight teeth. There are a number of ways in which we can straighten teeth. These include conventional metal braces, FastBraces, Invisalign, Damon, and Inman aligners.

A lot of people these days have moved away from the traditional metal braces due to the fact that they are unsightly and also take a lot of time to work. In comparison newer treatments such as Invisalign, Damon and Inman aligners are faster acting and have the added benefit of being invisible. They are clear aligners and therefore won’t be visible to anyone unless you wish to tell them!

If you are looking to have braces contact our receptionist who will be able to make an appointment for you with one of our highly trained, expert orthodontists.

Get a smile upgrade

Here at Wickham Dental, we understand how important it is to have a smile that makes the patient feel at their most confident and attractive best. We offer lots of choice when it comes to helping to achieve this. As a dentist in Wickham, we appreciate that a person’s smile can make or break how they feel about their appearance and that this can have a ripple effect across all areas of their life.

This is a guide from our dentist in Wickham on how to upgrade your smile if it is not quite up to scratch. We discuss several options, including teeth straightening, dental implants, cleaning and whitening.

Teeth straightening

If their teeth are crooked, protruding or overcrowded, a person can feel very self-conscious about how they look. This can mean that they are nervous about talking to others or even smiling. The result of this can be that they find it hard to make friends and mix with colleagues as they come across as much more reserved than they would be naturally.

Teeth straightening is no longer the sole preserve of young people. Today, adults of all ages are visiting the dentist in Wickham to find out about their options so that they can upgrade their smile and their self-esteem at the same time.

Traditional braces are very efficient at treating almost any issue when it comes to the misalignment of the teeth. They offer great results and it is now much more common to see adults wearing these braces with pride, looking forward to getting the smile they have always wanted.

For those who are unsure about traditional braces, clear aligners are an excellent alternative option. They are a popular choice because they are completely invisible, so the patient can keep their orthodontic treatment to themselves.

Dental implants

Anyone who has experienced tooth loss knows just how much of an impact this can have on how they feel about their appearance. Whether it is one tooth or several, dental implants can be used to remedy the situation and restore a smile to its former glory. Implants are a direct replacement for the tooth root, which means that they offer a stable and durable base for the new tooth that lasts many years, often a lifetime. They help to create a very blended look that is often indistinguishable from a patient’s natural teeth, which means that a patient can feel great about their smile again.

Getting white and bright

Many people find that their teeth become stained and yellow as the years go by, and this can have a negative impact on their confidence. Fortunately, no patient of ours has to put up with this as we can offer two main options to help. In many cases, especially if someone has not been for a check-up for some time, a professional clean from us is all that is needed to restore whiteness and remove stains.

When a scale and polish does not quite bring the teeth back to their former glory, then we can provide professional whitening. It is completely painless, and it is a simple procedure that provides excellent results.

What influences people to have nice teeth?

Dental hygiene is the key to maintaining your teeth and ensuring that you do not suffer from dental issues. Nowadays people are a lot more conscious of their teeth and oral hygiene and this is due to the fact that National statistics show that one in three people will have dental issues in their lifetime and could end up losing their teeth.

People are also influenced by social media. We currently live in a world where social media plays a very large role in our day to day lives. So much so that people spend many hours of their day on social media, following their favourite celebrities, bloggers and influencers. It comes as no surprise that people aspire to be like their role models and therefore usually imitate and copy their hairstyles, dress sense and also their appearance.

If you are looking for a dentist in Wickham then look no further than Wickham Dental Practice where our highly trained dentists will be able to deal with all your needs and rework ends in a professional and friendly manner.

What is the most common treatment that people opt for?

At our dentist in Wickham we have found that teeth alignment is one of the most common treatments that people choose to have done. Having crooked teeth can be a cause for embarrassment and also make people feel self conscious. Often people feel uncomfortable to laugh or smile due to the fact that they do not like how their teeth look. At our dentist in Wickham we can ensure that you can have teeth that you are happy with and feel confidence in once you have had one of our alignment treatments.

At our dentist in Wickham we have three different alignment treatments that you can choose from. Speak to our friendly members of staff who will be able to book an initial consultation for you where you will be able to speak to our specialist dentists about your needs and requirements and what you are looking for from having treatment. Based on your individual preferences the dentist will be able to advise which treatment will suit you best.

What are the different types of alignment treatment available?

There are three different types of alignment treatments that are available at the dentist. These include Invisalign and Fastbraces, conventional braces that get fixed to the teeth directly, and invisible aligners.

Fastbraces is an American brand of aligning teeth and is able to give you straight teeth in the space of four to six months. In addition the dentist offers Invisalign which is also another fast and affordable method of aligning teeth. The dentist also offers conventional braces that are made of metal and attached to the surface of the teeth. This process takes longer than Fastbraces and also Invisalign however is the cheapest method.

All three types of braces are effective but you will need to speak to our dentist to determine which is the right option for you. Contact us now for a consultation on how best to proceed.

Why the dentist in Wickham recommends water

Here at Wickham Dental, we help our patients to make the best of their smile by offering an excellent choice of treatment options. In addition, we promote preventive care. Preventive care is a means of ensuring that the oral health is optimised so that there is less need for any intervention or treatment.

The first step in this kind of care is developing a routine of daily brushing and flossing. The second is to be mindful of the foods and drinks being consumed and keeping sugar and acidic items to an absolute minimum. In addition, drinking plenty of water can be a great way to look after the health of the teeth and gums. Here we explain why this is so important.


In many cases, the water that people get from their taps has had fluoride added to it. Fluoride is very beneficial to teeth. This is because it strengthens the enamel. Enamel is a protective layer that coats the teeth and helps to keep them healthy.

When the teeth are boosted by regular consumption of water that contains fluoride, they are much more robust in the face of acids. Acids can be found in many foods and other drinks, and these erode the teeth. Fluoride is also good for oral health because in the case of the early stages of tooth decay, it can eradicate it.

Keeps the mouth hydrated

Water doesn’t just hydrate the body in general, it also helps to keep the mouth moist. This is very important as the dentist in Wickham has found that a dry mouth is frequently the cause of bad breath. Bad breath can erode a person’s confidence and drinking plenty of water can significantly reduce the risk of this.

Drinking plenty of water also helps the mouth to produce healthy levels of saliva. This helps to maintain the health of the gums and can be a very effective means of minimising the risk of gum disease. Gum disease can result in tooth loss if it is allowed to progress, which can be very detrimental to a person’s self-image as well as their general health.

Superior alternative

People who don’t drink much water tend to choose other drinks that aren’t very healthy as alternatives. Fizzy drinks can cause cavities and erode the integrity of the teeth. Drinks like tea, coffee and red wine can result in the teeth becoming very stained. This means that they will not look and feel healthy, and the person can even look older than their years because of significant yellowing and staining.

Decreases urge to snack

The dentist in Wickham advises patients to eat three healthy meals a day, rather than snacking throughout the course of each day. This is because constant snacking means that the teeth are being frequently exposed to sugars and acids which will make them much less healthy and more vulnerable to damage. Drinking plenty of water and staying well hydrated throughout the day can suppress the urge to snack, and thus help to ensure healthier teeth and gums.