An introduction

Operating in the historical medieval village of Wickham since 1992, our small private dental practice has continued to serve the needs of the local community.

Our philosophy is to ensure a friendly environment for our clients, where patients know they are getting the best, effective and most modern treatment available to them. Our experienced team has helped countless people over nearly three decades, and our principal dentists Dr Jonathan Hall and Dr Elizabeth Judson strive to continue that trend.


Preventative dentistry for you – love your teeth and keep them healthy!


Our caring attention – we’ll listen to you!


Longstanding experienced team – our patients are our friends!


Time to provide reassurance in a relaxing environment.

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We offer guidance and advice on preventing dental problems and strive to enable you take the best care of your teeth that you can. By far the most economic approach to dentistry is by prevention. Treatment when necessary is our main priority, but we work to help you understand the main causes of dental problems and how to minimise your risks in the future.

However, on-going care is essential at any age, as there is no quick solution to any problem which may occur. Also, an important factor; the incidence of mouth cancer cases has risen by 33% in the last decade. We implore our patients to have regular check-ups just to ensure screening and correct treatment if necessary.

We continue to be approachable, helpful and steadfast in assisting our patients when they need us. Whether you’ve had bad experiences with dentists or want a clearer plan of your best treatment options – let us show you how it should be done.