What influences people to have nice teeth?


Dental hygiene is the key to maintaining your teeth and ensuring that you do not suffer from dental issues. Nowadays people are a lot more conscious of their teeth and oral hygiene and this is due to the fact that National statistics show that one in three people will have dental issues in their lifetime and could end up losing their teeth.

People are also influenced by social media. We currently live in a world where social media plays a very large role in our day to day lives. So much so that people spend many hours of their day on social media, following their favourite celebrities, bloggers and influencers. It comes as no surprise that people aspire to be like their role models and therefore usually imitate and copy their hairstyles, dress sense and also their appearance.

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What is the most common treatment that people opt for?

At our dentist in Wickham we have found that teeth alignment is one of the most common treatments that people choose to have done. Having crooked teeth can be a cause for embarrassment and also make people feel self conscious. Often people feel uncomfortable to laugh or smile due to the fact that they do not like how their teeth look. At our dentist in Wickham we can ensure that you can have teeth that you are happy with and feel confidence in once you have had one of our alignment treatments.

At our dentist in Wickham we have three different alignment treatments that you can choose from. Speak to our friendly members of staff who will be able to book an initial consultation for you where you will be able to speak to our specialist dentists about your needs and requirements and what you are looking for from having treatment. Based on your individual preferences the dentist will be able to advise which treatment will suit you best.

What are the different types of alignment treatment available?

There are three different types of alignment treatments that are available at the dentist. These include Invisalign and Fastbraces, conventional braces that get fixed to the teeth directly, and invisible aligners.

Fastbraces is an American brand of aligning teeth and is able to give you straight teeth in the space of four to six months. In addition the dentist offers Invisalign which is also another fast and affordable method of aligning teeth. The dentist also offers conventional braces that are made of metal and attached to the surface of the teeth. This process takes longer than Fastbraces and also Invisalign however is the cheapest method.

All three types of braces are effective but you will need to speak to our dentist to determine which is the right option for you. Contact us now for a consultation on how best to proceed.