Update for September 2021

We remain open, and committed to maintaining our patient’s oral health, and protecting our staff and client’s in a safe environment.

Please ensure you have completed a COVID-screen by clicking here 24 hours before your visit.

What to expect…..

  • Our front door is now open, please come straight up. We are using the waiting room, but you may be asked to wait outside at peak times.
  • Advice is to respect social distancing in communal areas.
  • Please checkout at the desk, and bring means for payment as these are usually being taken face to face again. Do expect some payments and appointments to be made remotely by email and phone.
  • We are providing phone consultations with the dentist rarther than face to face where appropriate.

The steps we are taking: we will require longer to decontaminate the treatment rooms. The room will need to be vacated, for a ‘fallow’ time period, after certain treatments, for the safety of everyone. You will notice extra technologies to enhance our COVID protocols such as, suction of aerosols, fixed & mobile extractors and air purification. We look forward to seeing you.