The habits of people with healthy teeth and gums according to the dentist in Wickham


Here at Wickham Dental, we work with our patients to help them achieve good oral health, offering advice and a range of treatments when needed. As the dentist in Wickham, we are often asked about the best ways to ensure that the teeth and gums can be kept in good condition. This guide details the habits of people who have sound oral health throughout their lives.

Brushing and flossing

Many people do not brush their teeth every day, or only do it once. Brushing twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste is vital to keep the mouth clean and remove any bits of food which have become trapped. A few seconds is not going to do the job, two minutes of brushing is needed to get the teeth properly clean.

Many electric toothbrushes have a sensor that beeps after 30 seconds, and this can be used to time the brushing session and ensure that all parts of the mouth are cleaned. If using a manual toothbrush, then setting a timer for two minutes on a mobile phone can be an effective way to ensure that the job is done to completion.

Flossing is also important and should be done once per day. Any patient who is unsure how best to do this should consult with the dentist in Wickham to get guidance on flossing techniques or on how to use interdental brushes.

Visiting the dentist

Many people make the mistake of only consulting with the dentist when they encounter a problem with their teeth. However, getting regular check-ups can minimise the risk of any issues from occurring in the first place. We can identify any issues before the patient is aware of them, which means that any treatment required will usually be minimal. This means that the patient spends less time and money at the dentist than if they had allowed any problems to escalate.

Regular appointments with the hygienist

The dentist in Wickham can provide a professional clean, which is important for maintaining oral health. Although brushing at home is vital and effective, our hygienist can remove plaque and tartar that brushing has missed. This allows the patient to keep their breath smelling fresh, helps to prevent gum disease and can be very effective in removing stains.

Regular water drinking

The people who have the healthiest teeth and gums drink water as their main beverage for hydration. Tap water contains fluoride which protects the teeth enamel, and this helps them to retain their strength and health. Fizzy drinks and juices as well as many alcoholic drinks can be very acidic. When these are consumed throughout the day, the patient has much less saliva coating their teeth. This makes them much more vulnerable to deterioration and damage.


People who smoke are at high risk of receding gums, gum disease and tooth loss. The best thing any smoker can do for their oral health is to quit the habit. There is lots of help available such as nicotine replacement therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.