Patient Information

Without a doubt, the most economical approach to dentistry is to focus on
prevention. Keeping your teeth ‘disease free’ is important to ensure you only
undertake treatment which is necessary. We offer help and advice, with the aid of
our hygienist, to keep your teeth looking great and as healthy as possible.

For many people, choosing a dentist can be a big step. We recommend taking up
our offer of a free first consultation. This can help get to know us and the practice,
and help you relax in time for any treatments. You can even watch your favourite

program on our on demand digital TV or listen to music whilst having your treatment
done – we don’t mind!

In the event you require anaesthetic, ask about the painless magic “wand” instead of
the traditional needle. We use numbing gels and warm anaesthetic solution prior to
the use, which can all make your time at the practice more pleasant. We don’t rush
anyone into decisions, and your feelings come first – your treatment can commence
whenever you are ready. If you have any dental anxieties, please let us know and we
will tailor your visit accordingly.

If you want to get in touch with us, email is the quickest way. We will call you back
and discuss your query as soon as possible. Alternatively, if your query is more
urgent, you can call us directly on 01329 833855.

Many of our patients are referred by friends and family who have recommended us.
We are grateful for these referrals, so please let us know who asked you to come to
us and we can thank them!